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Conflict to Partnership Education Program

Learn the Skills to Transform Most Any Conflict into Partnership and Produce Sustainable, Measurable Results On Time and On Budget! 

More than “Resolve” Conflict, “Transform” Conflict into a Powerful New Relationship of Collaborative Success for All Parties – Even in the Presence of Intractable Hatred! 

These skills have been used successfully for 20 years in business and government.  They include:

  • Active Listening
  • Dialogue
  • Win Win Conflict Replacement
  • Developing Sustainable, Measurable Solutions to Actualize the Joint Ideal Outcome
  • Implementing Solutions On Time and On Budget
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • PartneringTeamBuilding
  • Monitoring Successful Implementation of Solutions

 This 8 week interactive education program includes:

  • 4 skills building lessons consisting of
    -video presentations
    -text lessons
    -interactive skills building exercises
  • 4 interactive skills application sessions to transform sample family, business, religious and political conflicts 

Choose the course that meets your needs:

  • Continuing Professional Education
    - Attorneys and mediators
    - Business project managers, business executives and human resource personnel
    - Psychologists, educators and clergy
    - Civil society advocates and international conflict resolution professionals
  • Academic Credit – fulfill an academic credit requirement
  • Non Credit – want the skills and don’t need Academic credit or Continuing Professional Education credit?
  • Self Paced – go at your own pace. Does not include live presentations by instructor and the team interactive skills building exercises. Does include email access to instructor and access to Forum to find a “Self Paced” practice partner.

 The Conflict to Partnership program is ideal for anyone who is professionally or personally interested in successful human relations, including people in business, the clergy, coaching, education, dispute resolution professionals (mediators, attorneys, and judges), diplomacy, government, human resource, the military, non profit organizations, psychology, students, and many others. 

Conflict to Partnership course designer and instructor H. Richmond “Rich” Fisher, J.D. is a certified mediator, business project team builder, published author, educator and practicing attorney.  He has taught and applied these skills for nearly 20 years nationwide to help people in business and government transform conflict into partnership, build high performing teams to accomplish complex business projects on time and on budget, and develop and implement public policy solutions that benefit all stakeholders.